Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Little Talents Show 2009

Today, the afternoon session held the Little Talents show for the kids, to let them have some fun showing off their hidden artistic talents (as well as to finish up the remaining money set aside for the afternoon session). It was held to make it similar to the Idol shows. We even have our own juries, we have our own enthusiastic crowd of audiences, and we have a great host too! One that can rival Seacrest imo.

We chose 17 out of tens of applicants yesterday and yeah, the idea was them to dress up, sing with the help of karaoke CDs and sing with emotions!!

Let the pics say it all!!
Just look at the crowds!!

The contestants gets to wear fancy outfits and yes, get to have make ups too! ( A real big deal for them!!)

Just look at their performance!! These are future idols in the making!!

And the judges are having the best and the worst of times deciding for the winner.

And here's the final 3!

And the winner is......

But, the best performance award goes to....

Siti Noor Hidayah!
Congrats darling!

There you are. Thus ends the Little Talent Show 2009. And here's the encore!!


ah^kam_koko' said...

These little creatures are full of big surprises!

tasha said...

they are adorable!!!

Musica said...

They are!! Don't they?!!! ^_^