Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Run for the lollipop

The kid keeps on running
under the sun, under the rain
past the hill, over the bridge
trying to get to the candy shop
to buy himself a lollipop

The kid falls down
tripped on a stone, fell on twigs
face buried in dirt, palm and knee bleeds
stopping the tears with his eyelids
stopping the pain with his heart beats

The coins the kid had had scattered
with battered fingers he picked them up
one by one, one after another
counting each of the coins carefully
for the price of making himself happy

The kid stood up and stare
looking at the stone, looking at the dirtpath
he winced at the pain, winced at the fall
one foot forward, he started again
running and running, forgetting his pains.


kayNe said...

wonders of being a kid
u just dont care about the pain u felt. pain is pain, u feel it every now and then, they just continue running without holding back.
how i envy them sometimes. mcm sometimes when i try to do something but i get harsh feedback i macm, huh stay away! never again lah. but yeah. shudnt do dat.(-_-')

Musica said...

even with blurry eyes of tears they would move forward.
kids can teach us lots!

The Soul Project said...

Im running to buy my lollipop now.
I might fall, but it's okay. I know it gets me stronger.


Musica said...

U know, that's good!
Your superhero is kinda retiring, or rather has focused on one mission atm.... ^_^

ah^kam_koko' said...

If only adults could pick themselves up & focus on the prize as children can, I'm sure they can overcome many of the mountains in their lives & achieve their dreams!

Great poem!

Musica said...

Tanx koko

Yep, if only adults can do that....
Adults need to search back their childish soul and spirit....

Me said...

I like this poem. Its simple enough to understand but its meaning runs deep. :)

Musica said...

Me, ooh thanks!!
u get the meaning or did u just interpret it based on ur own background?