Sunday, October 18, 2009


Tell me, would you believe in some small details that can barely catch your eyes would later be a sign for you?

Tell me, are you as superstitious as me?

Tell me, do you believe me if I say I believe in it, if I say I'm superstitious?

Around a month ago, I almost involved in a car accident. Before it happened, I saw 4 apparitions. And few hours later something covered the back of my car... I think I've posted something here about that before..... And later, withing few days/weeks after that, 4 person connected to me got into road accidents and me almost met with a couple more accidents.... The last person of the prediction was an 8 year old kid. And it cost him few nerves in his head....

In the past few days, I've been given signs. Signs that would be so ridiculous. Signs that tells me what's happening and yeah, it might, as I believed, tells me what will happen or what should happen in the near future.

I was at the beach, washing some barbecue fat and oil off my hands with sea water and melted ice. Then, I threw the ice away, as far as I could. Guess what followed the ice? 2 of my precious beads bangles. One was given to me by a Buddhist monk, another was from a girl. Frantically I went into the water to look for it. But the sea returned only one of the bangles. The Buddhist bangle. I spent quite some time to look for the other bangle, but to no avail. I even tried to look for it the next day, hoping to see at least one of the beads.... I failed.

And today, as I wanted to leave PD for JB, Babyboy couldn't be started. I tried to jumpstart it, with the help of a nice old man, but Babyboy just wouldn't move its heart even an inch. Some good souls tried to help me, much to my greatest appreciation. And I waited by Babyboy's side for hours until the only available mechanic in town was available to tend to his wounds. He jumpstarted the poor boy and Babyboy managed to breathe again. Hilmi came with Ida and they drove behind me to make sure I make it back to Seremban safe. Back in Seremban, I turn off the engine and was about to get into the house when I thought of trying to start the poor boy again. And Babyboy can be started. He was alive and kicking! Cant believe my luck I switched off the engine and tried again. And Babyboy is alive!!

It's weird, isn't it?

Feels like Babyboy doesn't want to leave PD.

I wonder what these signs are for.......

Gah, I'm too tired.

I'll be your bat, you'll be the cat in the dress
Wait no, you should be the damsel in distress


ahseng said...

It's a sign for you to change the battery and/or whatever that starts the

It's a sign for you to be careful not to wash things away

and and

It's a sign for you to sleep before driving.

Don't read too much into it. They are probably just coincidence!! Be happy and carefree like Eton.

Anonymous said...

scary. =( and the bangle...

ah^kam_koko' said...

Glad that you're back safe!

najibu said...

oh! oh! ingat x cerita G gundaman ko!

bad omen... hahaha

Musica said...

Ah seng: based from my experience (pinjam u-know-who punya ayat), its not as simple as that.

anon: it is..

koko: me 2, but not Eton... she seems, distanced...

Najib: which part of the story?