Monday, July 20, 2009

I've decided....

After numerous days of tense and agony, which won't be over soon, I've decided.

I've decided that I will start to write.


6 to 7 years ago, I decided to be a writer. And funny thing is, I didn't apply for any creative writing courses or even take any subjects available of said field. I even planned a lengthy fantasy genre starting 8 years ago. But I never got it through past the prologue. Well, it's still safe in my hands. This is to say, after years and years of holding it on, I'm going to start to write again, maybe not to continue what I left before, but a new different genre. Part biography, part fiction. I already outlined what I'm going to write. And truth be told I can't predict when will I finish it. But I will write.

And yeah, I'm in the middle of writing few rhymes. But nothing seems to be worthy of being published here yet. I need to touch em up over and over again.

Ah well, wish me luck. I need to publish something fast to get out of this weird system.


ah^kam_koko' said...

Awesome, bro!
And this time... FINISH IT!

I'll definitely buy the book when you get it published!

p/s: I'm going to be writing some action research for publication in a Sarawak-based education journal.

Musica said...

Lol Tanx bro!
I guess, U shudn't buy it.... Even if manged to publish it, I'll give away for free to the brothers... and few close frens n family..

And yeah, good luck with ur AR!

- D. said...

Hey Nas!
Remember how we were the only two people who wanted to be writers?
I recently decided (3-4 months ago) that I wanted to pick up writing again and make a concerted effort at getting published.
Let's do it Nas!
Why should we ever let go of our dreams?

p/s: I think we should beta each others'

Musica said...

D, yeah, I think we should get each other to help each other... ^_^
And yeah, I remember that foundation days! LOL
It was soo long ago!
And yeah, even if I didn't compose any story, I did few rhymes/story too..

rebel_heart said...

Luck! (:

Keep at it. Write everyday. Something. Anything.

Remember, it works if you work it.

Musica said...

rebel_heart: Thanks! I'll write down your advice and past it on the wall of my studies! ^_^

I agree with you! More writing for me!!

The Cat of Glory said...

Lemme be the first to read?Hehehe.And the first to criticize? Huahaha.

Musica said...

lol will think about it..