Saturday, July 25, 2009

And today..

It was a hectic day. Woke up at 7.30, had to be in school by 7.30... hahaha
Rushed to school for co curricular activities and stayed there until about 1.30... Head back home and discovered that I should get a haircut, thus the chance to see Jessie for the 3rd time.

But I went home to catch some sleep then woke up to Eton's pestering for me to play with her. So I did.

Well, went to the saloon, catched up with her, flirted with her and got rejected by her for the 3rd time. LOL

Her reason was that she's too old to bear me child. Well, funny thing is, I didn't expect to have a child with her. Well, she is like 10 years older than me. Ah well, its just that I enjoy having a chat with her once in a while and it will always end up me flirting with her, and she played along then rejected me.

Well, its one of the way for me to relax my mind. And making sure that the hair cutting session lively and not dull and boring.

I know it's a corny face, but bear with it... I'm alone at home and nobody to pose with.... so, yeah.. just wanna show you the hair of mine that never managed to be spiked or even stands.... ^_^
Tanx Jess!


i r r i n a said...

mata sgt seductive d situ ye!

ah^kam_koko' said...

So that's who she is!

Musica said...

irrina, jangan tergoda hahahaha

koko, well, now u know lols

The Cat of Glory said...

Jessie is the name!!!

Hahaha.Mas,I mean Nas,don't play
momy's son.

Consistent and persistent. Must apply in real life.Hahahaha.

Xyna said...

Larh.. anak cina mana ni?

Musica said...

Pame babe, its not playing~ hahaha go fetch me my coffee

Erm, this hot chinese chick, mom? lol

suefin said...

looks good... i mean the hair, not necessarily the person. hehe... just kidding =p

how are you nas?

Musica said...

tanx sue fin, i know that u loves to see me look good ^_^ jus kiddin too! ^_^ lol

I'm good, same ole same ole. u?