Monday, July 6, 2009

And I'm touched.

For those who knew about my stint last week, they should know how deep the shit I'm in this week.

Well today, I went to school, and straight away head to the GB's room, expecting to be lectured for hours. And she didn't.

As I walked around the school getting my chores for the day completed, no one gave me a lecture, except for few stabbing glances.

But when I sat with my closest colleague, I was lectured for my stint last week. Not only that he gave me hard cold reasons why he did so and why I shouldn't have done that. Truth be told, I was not pissed off as I might usually do. But I was touched. Of all 60+ people working in the school, only 3 of them that I know who really cared for me. And yeah, they helped me, they helped me a lot.

Well, to some I might've acted immaturely but through this, I could see that my future is not in government schools and that there are few who that surpasses the colleague relationship even though they kept on saying things about being a family or what not.

Ah well, hope the light out there is bright enough.


ah^kam_koko' said...

Ignorant baskets!

They should really put all of us brothers in the same school.
That school will definitely be the BEST in Malaysia.

I dare guarantee that!

Musica said...

Yeah, I agree!

Make a private school anyone?