Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm A Liar. Fullstop.

Yes, I am.
Told you fellow readers that I'd be updating but I didn't.

Truth is, after prac, for weeks I've been catching up with my sleep, with the outings and with the moments I missed for about 3 months. Thus the negligence over the Musica's Music Scores. But seriously, if I could find the time sooner, I would update, that is if I haven't forgotten about what to write about. It's been the case quite a number of times as I would only have thought of something to write when I'm driving, and would forget it when I'm in front of the laptop. Well at least I'm updating it now.

Let see, what happen after prac, erm, I had to replace back the MCs I had during prac, which made me went to school for another extra four days, much to my agony as what they said during the briefing is different from what I had to endure. But it's finished now for good and hope that everything is ok now.

Another confession is that it's been a while since I last snap some photos. I mean not just the normal photos that these 'DSLR noobs' trying their very hard to take, but what I mean is a 'photograph'. You know what they say, a picture could say a thousand words, and that's the kind of pics that I want to take. Well, been surveying around these past few weeks and turns out to be I found a number of settings that could do the job. Just wait for it and I'll surely post it up here.

Speaking of a job, I got an offer to take wedding pictures next month. It's quite new to me so I dealt with the lady who is so kind enough to offer it, asking her if it's possible to bring along my other two friends. She's okay with it as I assured her that I'd split the pay so that she wouldn't have to pay extra. The catch is that I never had taken wedding photos professionally and to add to that, it's a chinese wedding. But I guess it's for experience's sake. And the money's good too.

M's been out of inspiration lately but just when I thought I had lost M forever, one picture had helped me helped M to write something.

As you can see here, that's me and Lin, at Ottoman. I mean, it's been forever since I was there and since I last saw her. Yeah, we do keep in touch now and then but I still remember how she was trying to make me be the person I am, well, without D, M and Bro that is. They did left for a while but they came back, especially M. M, however in a fix lately but ironically, pics like this brought him back, kicked him into senses again. So, M, welcome back and that Book she gave you still have lotsa empty pages. So, start writing mate.

There, a lil piece of me for you..
Will update later with more pics.

Until then.

p/s: somehow I feel that I'm on a leash or something. But I do know that I can get away from it if I want to.


ah^kam_koko' said...

I'm glad you took up the offer & brought the gang with you!
Can bring me?
I wanna see!

Musica said...

Just come la.... hahaha.. but dunno if it's gonna be ok coz we're riding with the groom in his car to the bride's house in Pahang. We're gonna squeeze you somewhere lol