Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pre and Post Exam...

Exam was over last Thursday and yeah, eventho I planned on to blog bout stuffs after exam, I was kinda bit busy with taking pics and shit. The worse thing happen when last nite my external HD, where I store my pics, was infected by a worm. Luckily I managed to save it, after four hours of trying. Now it is clean and healthy again! Yay! But, thats not the uber-worst thing. The pics that I've edited, chosen from 125 people (each has bout 2 to 6 pictures) were heartbroken, knowing that they were denied off their true purposes. The story is like this, the pics are for a pic collage, a soon to be present for one of our lecturer. The thing is that it was denied by the head honcho of the Teacher's Day (he's a fat ass, rejecting our ideas). Here's what Koko wrote bout it in our yahoo group:

Talking about IPBA admin...
The powers that be have just had their first meeting about Teacher Day on last Wednesday!
That's one week before the actual event!
They came up with a basic skeleton plan while we have already added meat to our skeleton and are currently putting the skin on!
Yet they still wanted to change our plans.

But we put our feet down.
We spent a lot of time & effort to plan this event.
You should have helped us from the very beginning when we actually asked for your help.
Your absentmindedness & rejection has given us liberty...
Now this event is truly & fully, a Cohort 2 event.

Anyway, here's the pic of the ashtray and the alarm clock I bought at ROOM like I promised you.

It has some kind of a trap door. Lawlz.

I like the one bell concept. XD

Moving on, I also promised to talk bout the SPCA trip.

Ok, some days ago, Hilmi asked me to help him coz the block 3 warden asked me to catch some stray cat n her kittens and throw them away. It was actually Pochi 2 aka Anne. It was one of the Cohort 4 student's cat (irresponsible human) and she brought it to IPBA and from a house cat, she let it be a stray cat, so the cat's quite aggressive to other humans. So, we caught it and sent it to SPCA (the warden didnt care at all where we want to throw it away). I went there with Jarod coz his mobile could be a gps sort of map. Hahaha. Turned out to be we were late and it was closed for the day. Back to hostel again and had to kept it at the back balcony for the nite. Early morning the next day we went back to SPCA and sent it there, and had to donate a sum of money. The lady there told me that the kittens will be up for adoption straight away but the mother might has to be put to sleep coz of her psychoness. Well, tats bout it. Wut frustrates me is that I discovered lotsa irresponsible ppl who are selfish and only think bout saving their assess all the time. *sigh*

Here's the pic of the cats before going to the SPCA.

Pochi 2 aka Anne

One of her kittens

And yeah, just thought of giving another idea of how Lucky Se7en is:

As you can see, there are 7 lettered cards (ignore the 8).
This is the result of me thinking of my dearest girl, based on star's technique. It shows the relationship of my heart, and the girl I think of. It is actually perfect (according to star) and I should marry her. The interpretation is like this, King of Heart is my heart and Queen of Heart is the heart of the girl. Since it's close, that means there's nothing in our way and we love each other. The Queen of Spade is another girl who is into me but she has the King of Diamond there, meaning she's attached to someone rite now. The Jacks are people that might or might not affect my relationship, the Jack of Heart being another girl and the Jack of Diamond being another guy. The King of Spade is the physical me, showing my physical position, like distance and stuff. There, another clue to the Lucky Se7en, represented by the Lucky Se7en as I got this card arrangement just like that, much to everyone's disbelief. Tried it again with Hilmi's and got the similar arrangement. *sigh* I know who is the Queen of Spade but I wonder who is the Queen of Heart is. *wink wink*


ah^kam koko' said...

I didnt know I wrote so well...
Inspiration must have struck!

Anyway, now i understand what lucky seven is...
now i dont even want to be in it!
dont wana get in the way of Nas & his queen of hearts!

mardotti zaaba said...

eh sorry tau pasal anne.on bhalf of cohort4.sbb kitorg bukan bwk dia from home ke she almost got hit by a car in kerinci so someone took her back to ipba.kitorg jaga je, n then we passed her on to cohort5 ppl.sorry if she has been a burden to sedey la, because she had been a very good cat.kitorg jaga dia dr dia baby lg..