Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Little Girl and The Doll

There was a little girl
With hair that have a little curl
Oh how she look sweet and adorable
With a face and body so huggable.
An avid doll lover she was
Too bad she couldn't afford anything but rust.
She was lucky once
Another girl gave her the chance
To play with a doll
From winter to fall.
She brushed the doll's hair everyday
Changed the clothes and play.
She gave the doll a little curl
Just as hers, so that they both look adorable.
But fall came and she had to return it
To the rightful owner who didn't very much appreciate it.
She was torn and cried and cried
Cried so much that her eyes dried.
She was heart broken one day seeing a flair
The curl she gave the doll was no longer there.
How she hoped that the rightful owner
Would hate the doll that had became her.
How she regretted she didn't have the money
To get the doll early.


.:nayzi.norman:. said...

i noticed that ur poems has similarity in meaning...idunno. that's just how i read them. this one seems to have same connotation as the girl and the dress i think. but i am not to analyse the meaning here. just enuff to leave u a comment. :p

Musica said...

Well, the girl and the dress is of different situation. But if u wanna view it both as connected, u're welcome to do so.

ah^kam koko' said...

what a heart wrenching story...
i wonder if it is a reflection of something or someone in reality...

Musica said...

Well, it's up to the reader to interpret.