Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm soo messed up!

Today I woke up at 1pm, brush my teeth, smoke a bit and look for the kittens, and guess wut, all three of them we're hanging out on the roof! And I had to do extra meow-ing to make them come down and have their meal. They were so dirty that they had to wash their paws before eating. I mean literally. I made them to do it. Yes. Lawlz. Then played some Lost Odyssey (it's a really fucking good rpg). The boys went out to catch Ironman (i called it ayam-man). I was left behind then decided to go out to MV anyway, coz need shampoo and conditioner and facial. Yes, I'm a bit metro. And lucky I guess coz there, I saw at least 1 D Certified girl and 2 Nas Certified girls, excluding the models that had a fashion show there. Well, only one of them are good looking enough.

There, stayed from 5 to 9, and guess wut, I tried to look for cool looking speakers at ROOM and they only had a one way speaker. OMG! Not wanting to let my heart down, I got myself a really cool looking ashtray and a nice looking alarm clock (I'll upload the pics later). The clock has only one bell and it's black. The ashtray is black, too, and it is 5 inches tall and looks like a tall glass. Really like em both.

Since no Lost Odyssey action for the night, I decided to watch Any Given Sunday and study all the main characters' characters. I mean analysing, making inferrences, and trying to guess how they take into account of some imaginative situations. Well, I always do that to random people I see, since hanging out at Queen St with Kak Mieza 2 years back. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that I saw this one suspicious man at MV, carrying a suspicious box-like-thing wrapped in a plastic bag. He was holding it carefully and put it in the garbage bin carefully. And I was standing next to the bin! I was like wtf! And then I followed him for a while, studying his character, n yes, he seems shady to me, but then, I decided to be cbf bout it.

Then I watched Lars and the Real Girl. After 20 mins, I got a headache! *SPOILER WARNING* Lars is a reserved man coz of his past, and he decided to order a mix-it-yourself-sexdoll to be his girlfriend. His brother n sister in law was shocked at first (yes, me too). Again, 20 mins later, I got the same headache, coz he brought the doll to the church for the mass. I was like wtf the whole story! But it's a great story and I recommend it to be watched by all of yous out there! Next, The Kite Runner!

My point for the entry is that I'm soo messed up coz in 5 days, I'll be having my exam. And I have yet to study a thing and I've been playing around during lectures, drawing sketches of pics that I wanna take.


*slaps my self*

p/s: I admit that I watched pirated movies, straight from the net. But heck, I hate going to movies alone or with boys and Malaysian cinemas sucks. U cant even watch peacefully and there's no everyday halfprice for students even during premiers. And there's no free seating! And no salted popcorns! God I miss Brisbane.


.:nayzi.norman:. said...

come back to Brisbane then! we miss u!! well, at least i do. (^-^)

Musica said...

Well, I need a return tix. Could you support me then? (^_^)

.:nayzi.norman:. said...

wakakakaka~ kiss my arse!

ah^kam koko' said...

Ayam-man was great!!!

All of you wanting to go for the movie take note:
Wait till the credit finishes because there is a 1 min sneak peak at the sequel!

.:nayzi.norman:. said...

What!!!!??????? Arghhhh! Should've waited longer~