Saturday, April 17, 2010

This room.

There is a room
with not much room.
It is the smallest
and some say the weakest
but its not that detached.
The maid's quarter
is much more better
with a bathroom attached.
The room gets the sun all day
it gets the heat everyday.
The room get the rain some days
but stays the most humid for days.
And for days its been like that
unlike the other rooms, that have much more fat.
It is like an oven, it is like a box
it is not like a place where you can coax.
But mind you, the one with obsessions
This room is filled with important possessions.
No one could not be in the room, to be a part,
if he does not have heart.


ah^kam_koko' said...

So I'm in?!

Musica said...

Well, If u come to my house. haha

the key. said...

A room to fill
something in it
A room to see
that you fit in
It grows darker
yes it must be
but when you go slower
comes the light so free
just for you to keep
so precious, indeed.

Reena B said...

why do i hv the feeling that the room is a bit too small to fit more than one? Maybe if u rearrange the stuff in it, paint it a different colour or add a thick, cooling curtain it'd be cozier?

ellie said...

sounds much like my room indeed. too small for the various sentimental crud i keep packed around it. hehe.

i like it (: