Monday, February 22, 2010

Those familiar faces

Those faces brought back my emotions.

There he was, still dark as before, still had to mutter words.
There he was, still mischievous and foul-mouthed.
There he was, still quiet.
There he was, still calm and in control.
And there he was, still curious.

There she was, still high spirited and full of smiles.
There she was, still staring.
And there she was, still speculating.

And here I am, proud of them.
And here I am, laughing with them.
And here I am, advising them.
And here I am, crying, missing them so much.

And there they were, those familiar faces, waving goodbye to me.


ah^kam_koko' said...

After we left IPBA, I expected us brothers to see each other less & less.
When ppl get into a relationship, that means that friendship takes a backseat.

As the years pass, we will wave goodbye to more and more good friends who will spend most of their time building a family.
As the years go by... these familiar faces will soon age & be forgot.
Unconsciously, as the years go by.

Reena B said...

Thats the thing with kids. Just when you thought they have all moved on and forgotten you, they turn around with eyes brightly lit at the mere sight of you and scream "Teacheeeer!"
They never get to old to pull something like that.
You've done great by touching their hearts babe. You've made a difference and the kids adore you for it.

Keep on the passion be. Go on and further inspire others like them.