Friday, February 26, 2010


I watched them, I envy them.
When I look at them, I'm glad its working good for them.
And when I stare at them, I despise them.
I'm jealous.

And why cant I have it the way they have it?
And there I was, kept on staring at them.
And here I am, trying to look away.
But I just cant unlock that stare from them.


Reena B said...

Dont be.
Every couple has their own share of difficulties.
You just havent striked a chord yet.
You'll find your 'battery charger' one day. All in good time.

The visual feeling said...

I really hate looking at someone smile when you have not a drop of happiness to smile back. especially when your alone forced to look at a couple in there state of multiple minds connecting.

I do understand but in the end everybody walks alone.

Al Svoboda said...

To The visual feeling,

The chickens are planted and the black beans are fed. Count your black beans and chickens. So you're not alone.

Connect where you want, not where someone else tells you to.

Reena B said...

how about we try and make others feel the same way about us now?
u game?

Musica said...

I sure am game baby!