Saturday, January 24, 2009

Malaysian Roadies

I'm back in Seremban for the Chinese New Year hols until Wednesday. Got some time to refresh myself before going back to becoming a super coach (coaching Takraw, athletics, volleyball and almost every sports that the school have). Oh yeah, I coached the Takraw team and they got second place in the zone level tournament. Irony is that last 2 weeks is the first and last time (so far)I've played that game. lol

Anyway, I'm here to voice out my two cents on the Malaysian Roadies as I've encountered a very disappointing experience last nite as I was driving back from JB to Seremban.

You see, one thing that I've noticed about Malaysian roadies is that they are very impatient and rude. Well, the majority of them. During this festive season, everyone wants to go back to their home town fast so that they could get together with their families and loved ones as soon as possible. The thing is, they are too stupid, selfish, brainless, wasting money used for their education and immature than an 8 year old to think that if they drive dangerously, they risk of not seeing their families and loved ones. They're going on the fast track to see their makers. It's not about getting there fast assholes, it's all about getting there in one piece. I believe they can read as it is Malaysian law that every citizen has the right to education and need to go to the school (at least primary school and that's where they teach you how to read). But somehow they could not read the signs saying what is the speed limit and whether heavy vehicles like trucks, lorries and buses should not overtake where they should not. Is it the fault of our education system or they are just having a piece of shit as their brain. I believe it's the latter.

You see, these people are the ones who are causing the traffic jam. They weave through traffic, they cut queues, they use emergency lanes, no signals when changing lanes and uses high beamed lights when driving at night. If Malaysia allows for firearms to be sold to civilians, I'll take that opportunity to buy some rocket launcher and launch some rockets to them. Just imagine, a 3 hour journey became almost a five hour journey! And it's fucking past midnite where there should be no traffic jams! And I've been cursing these assholes to death about 50% of the journey. There are time and place for you to speed asswipes! And it's not during the festive season where there are lots of mature thinking human being trying to go back to their loved ones' embrace using the road. Well, they say, Malaysians are polite, demure and full of the nice eastern world qualities. I say bullshit. These people are just hypocrites. And yeah, I curse a lot, coz I know these people I cursed at deserves it.

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ah^kam_koko' said...

That's why many people have TVs in their cars, eh?
So they & the drivers behind them can watch Maria Ozawa as they wait together.