Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Ending

I was listening to Fly fm on my way home from school and the topic of happy ending was brought up. Nadia, the DJ was talking about how some movies ended with happy endings and one of the listeners called and commented on how it would be too good to be true.

As for me, I thought that everyone had had at least one happy ending in their life. Like getting a new bike from your parents as a reward of getting good marks in exam, how you could get married to THE ONE, and how you could settle down in your dream home, in your dream scenery and with the ones you wanted to settle down with.....

However, as a human, we should know that life has more to offer. The happy endings are not actually 'endings' at all. For example, imagine getting the new bike, and after the a week or two, it was stolen by some rascal. Happy ending? Naw! Imagine getting married to THE ONE but ended up having a divorce in about 20 years down the road. Happy? Naw! Need more?

What's going to happen after that? Will it be another happy ending, a cliffhanger or a twist?

Thus, I conclude that an 'ending', whether it's happy or not, will not occur unless you breathe your final breath.


Can't stop thinking of what would Cindarella or Snow White do after the credits. How will their life revolves? Will their prince charming left them? Or will another evil stepmom or witch haunt their lives? Or would they be too busy to think of anything else, occupied by work as queens?

Makes me think of a somewhat old movie called 'The NeverEnding Story'.

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najibu said...

yup. it wont be the end till we die. but even then, is that truly the end? we'll never know till the end of time

Musica said...


najibu said...

oh ye, neverending story tu ada buku rupenye. aku cm berminta nk membeli suatu hari nanti

Trishomachine. said...

A happy ending is what you make out of it...have faith! =)