Sunday, January 20, 2008

At home during a dull sunday morning...

At home now.. Been wondering why i cant get on with the script of a production of my own.... I planned on doing it based on my 'The Girl and The Dress' and Jay Chou's 'Shan Hu Hai' mv..... It's hard writing a script of 1 hour performance!! No ideas sprouting in my mind atm... *sigh*

Going back to IPBA, the cursed place, in few hours.. I dun like tat place.... I like Brisbane more and more and more! *bites IPBA*

Being at home let me satisfy my Guild Wars cravings. Had about 24 hours of GW. Did master bonus on one of the mission on normal mode.... (no hard mode for me for now... i'll be stressed up) and yeah, few hours of AB... got my new Luxon Supporter title... still a long way to go to max the title up...
Feary seems good, he just got back from hols trip.... I wonder wut Kim's up to..

God i miss Brisbane and the ppl there.... If i have millions of money, i'd go there and stay there! Living in Malaysia is a bane to my financial needs! Get this, 100 Aus dollar could last me ard a week and half while 100 Malaysian Ringgit could only last me ard 4-5 days, with the same way i spend.... Evil!



Kimiko said...

Kim's doing school work nii chan
Megaz sucky
Wouldn't mind a bit of Auz right now as it is uber cold here
Miss you loads!


Musica said...

Aww, school work do sucks
Come to malaysia! its uber hot here!