Sunday, August 16, 2009


U know, we all had at least 1 teacher we had a crush on...

Being a teacher, u can't help but to be one.
My kids, mostly 9, they're really a fun lot!
At least 1 or 2 from each Year 3 class has shown, in some manner, that they have a crush on me.

The easiest is being jealous when I talk to their rival in class.

Some gave me long stare, and when I noticed it, they returned it with their sweetest smile.

But some, they compete for my attention by giving me chocs, as the ones shown above. They will try to give me more expensive choc or lollies than their rival's and its been going on for weeks now. I always got chocs everyday, the cheapest is Apollo. ^_^

But, one girl gave me a couple of seashells that's really perfect, no flaw or scratch whatsoever. And even though the shells are quite small, you can hear the sound of the ocean from each of it. I wonder where did she got them shells.

I guess this is the joy of being a single guy teacher eh?



izzy said...

*smack u on the head*

im jealous here! HAHAHHA!

Musica said...


apsal tetibe?
x yah aa jeles.... nnt da jadi cikgu ade je budak crush kt u....

fin said...

haha... you must be delighted! this will really satisfy the narcissist in you =p
these kids really know how to make their teacher happy huh?

Musica said...

Fin, I'm somewhat delighted ^_^
Well, I cant say I'm that narcissist anymore hahahaha

Well, they are a sweet bunch aren't they? lol

ah^kam_koko' said...

Even Primary School children have crushes on men more than 2 times their age?!!

Enjoy the chocs!
You must be have made a good impression!

Musica said...

Yup, even those year ones too! ^_^

Well, too bad, my teeth couldnt take chocs anymore since few months ago...

But I still enjoy the chocs despite the aching sensation they gave me...

Pame 26 said...

Sudahla U babe.Don't be fool by their innocence.Hahahaha.

Anyway,my kids are all gone.whooo.miss 'em much.

Musica said...

Haha pame babe, dont be jealous too... ^_^

Aww, go n visit ur kids once in a while?