Monday, March 30, 2009

Going crazy

photos taken without permission from here.

Okay, it's time to bitch.
As we all know, humans are different. They can think. But when they do things, sometimes they over thinks themselves, meaning way beyond their capacity. And because of over thinking, this particular guy just keeps on bugging me, since February if I'm not mistaken.

It was after a whole day event of athletics competition. I was assigned to look after the pupils' things and them too. Some of them were asthmatic and being kids they forgot their medications. It was superbly hot and humid. After the whole day, I was too tired that it shows on my face. And thus it started.

Some teacher thought that I have something against him that day, which I had and kept it to myself, had been harassing me, stalking me, blocking my way to class and bugging me. It's as he said that I'm not satisfied with how he handles things that day, which I did, but I kept it to myself out of respect as a newbie in the school. And it went on and on until today. Since my car is still under repair, I could not bring my kids to the district level training sessions which are held in different school. And since he's the one available, he was assigned to do so. And then, when it ends, he stopped me and said that his honor was tarnished as the administrations of our school called him about something that somehow related to me have something against him. I was blur, tired and still thinking of how to settle my other problems, just couldn't take it. There were 2 female teachers there and a couple of pupils watching and he was harassing me (with words) in front of them. I tried to ignore but there he was yapping like a bitch, talking about his honor or I would say his ego. I turned at him at said, if he's talking about his honor, then what about the honor of a nice lady teacher who's being a friend to me, that he and his cohorts made story of? What about the story of me and her being in a sugar-mummy-toy-boy-type-of-affair? And me being me, I'm really pissed if someone nice to me is being dragged into my problem that had nothing to do with him/her at all and they suffered from it. I clenched my fist and said to him that this lil fist of mine would eat him up if he won't stop there. The situation is almost the same when I hit my dad years ago. So, being a coward, he left. And few hours later, sent me an sms about me being afraid to face him.

You see, I tried to ignore him, tried to be a professional teacher and matured human being by not avoiding this problem but tried to ignore it because I knew he thinks too much and he's older and I do respect the elderly. But I'm really pissed when he dragged someone who had been nice to me into this. I just could not take it. If it continues, I'll be going nuts!

These are the advices I get:

1. Ignore them, and prove to them your work is unchallenged.
2. Ignore them, just do your work.
3. You should just smack the hell out of him/ should kick his arse so hard till he kiss the moon.
4. Mintak tukar sekolah je la..... (Just ask for a transfer to another school). *It's from the school guard. LOL

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JazzLess said...

chill out bro...
your birthday coming up...
so dont too stress yaa..

p/s : no gift for you this year..